lørdag den 4. juli 2015

Am I bad timing??

Hi again..! x I hope wherever you are you're having an amazing day! If not, hang in there :*

So as summer begins the countdown starts to my birthday on the 10th of July. Now I personally think birthdays are great, and for everybody it's a wonderful way to celebrate one person and their whole entire existence, and show them how much they appreciate their relation to them (Which of course you should do several times a year as you're friends with that person, not just once a year)

I am always super excited about my birthday and always really look forward to the day as my parents have also done an amazing job at making it the best day of year :) I have so many fond and favorite memories of trips to legoland, disneyland, birthday cakes and happy times from birthday.

But especially this year as it's getting closer and closer to my birthday (and my parents 25th wedding anniversary) people in my family and around me have started talking about how it's such bad timing to have your birthday right in the summer vacation, which in Denmark is from late June to mid August. The main argument is that people go on vacation, which fair enough  I go on vacation too, I know it's not a crime. But my birthday doesn't change, it's has been and will always be the 10th of July.
It blows my mind that some people appearently get surprised by it every single year, and don't remember. Making that coment is not to appear as a brat or a snotty little girl who don't get enough presents (I never really know what I want anyway), but I value and set time aside to be with my family and all the people that I love and cherish. I make those people a priority, and want to support and show up for them whenever they need it.  I believe that the people I can count most on here in life are my family and my friends, so that portion of people is so important to me. So naturally I get a bit disappointed when it's my birthday or any other celebration that I might be having, and the people I make a priority don't make me a priority..

But hey, I'm just bad timing, so what do I know? x

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